Monday, June 30, 2008

June/ Chapter 26: Dating younger guys

I realized since writing this blog that there's a lot of women dating guys younger than them. The perfect example of a woman that goes after younger men is of course Samantha in Sex and the city. Now although she is a fictional character she's a good example of how an older woman can approach relationships with a younger man

First of all the idea is to have fun. Basically turn the table on the men and use them as the boy toys, when usually it's the guys treating girls as sex objects. It's a good way to boost self-esteem, feel desired, and get some great sex out of a younger guy, rather than an older guy that might be full of himself.

Okay, so you need to get a younger guy. Best way is to meet the guy in a social setting and the guy should be a friend of a friend. As an older woman, don't try meeting guys in clubs unless you're good looking. Guys in clubs are wasted half the time and looking at what girls look like, not thinking about the personality as much.

The whole chat up, yeah chat up process, should be pretty similar to how a guy approaches a girl, you literally reverse the roles. You act friendly but don't come on too strong, flirt but only enough to tease and can back off if it's not getting the right response. Be confident and be in charge, and most importantly just have fun. The most attractive people in either sex are the ones that can come across as a fun person. Who wants to hang out with a dull and boring person?

Some women are better suited to this lifestyle than others. You can only go into the relationship with the expectation of having a good time, and stick to that expectation. If you start treating the guy as a potential partner with a future together then you might freak the guy out, and hurt yourself. Instead let the guy think that way, and let his feelings build. The guy's been with younger girls so he doesn't need another needy, annoying girl he can play with, but probably finds the older woman's independence, and maturity interesting.

Also realize that whilst a younger guy can be worshipful and treat an older woman he likes like a queen, the woman might not get the same emotionally. The guy might be better to look at, but doesn't offer the woman what she needs in terms of understanding her and connecting on the same emotional or spiritual level.

Still there have been such relationships that have ended in marriage. A guy that's a distant relative of mine married someone over 20 years older than him. Whilst Demi Moore is 16 years older than Ashton Kutcher. Obviously the age difference doesn't have to be that extreme, but it shows that an older woman can work with a younger man. You just need to be in control rather than daydreaming about unrealistic thoughts of what could be with a younger man.


ieatyoungboysfordinner said...

well one thing all ladies over the age of 27 know, is that younger guys last longer and do it more. who needs a rabbit when you have a 23 year old?

Carlton Bradshaw said...

I can do it with you all night baby.......

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