Saturday, June 14, 2008

June/ Chapter 18: Strange things happen on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, 2008 was a weird night.......

It's been raining in HK for over 2 weeks now. I was standing outside one of the local clubs which tries to be rather exclusive, waiting for a guy friend of mine and some girls, so I could take them all in. The girls were from Taipei, but I had never met them before. It was just a coinsidence that I was meeting Taiwanese girls a week after having the best weekend of my life in Taiwan.

They were late. Obviously being late is not just something girls in HK do. It's universal.....

I couldn't stay long that night because I had a birthday party in another club to go to. Which was a pity because partying is rarely good in the first hour when everyone is sober. But I did my best to be friendly and make the girls feel at home in HK.

There was this group of guys I knew in the club and I went over to chat to them. The guys had a guest in town, a tall athletic looking black guy from England. He used to play rugby, so we were on that topic initially before we started to talk about girls. He told me rugby players get more girls which I agreed was probably the case in England, but in HK a guy will get more girls with a BMW Z4.

One of the guys brought over two cute girls he just met, and seemed very proud of himself. The grin quickly disappeared when I immediately hugged one of the girls because I already knew her. She was a flight attendant, and it was always good to know flight attendants because they know lots of flight attendants. Then two more girls I knew were walking past so I introduced them to the guys as well. At this point tall black guy was really happy, he was on a business trip in HK and I think Friday the 13th was turning out a lot better than he expected.

There's a degree of respect and envy guys have for other guys with a lot of girls, whether those girls are just friends or "scores".

These girls we were bumping into were just friends, in fact a few of the girls read this blog. But the guys didn't know that so I was seeing the respect on their faces. Finally, the Taiwan girls came over to chat, and we were now surrounded by girls from all sides. Tall black guy looked around himself and then stooped down and asked me........ "Do you play rugby for Hong Kong and were you on TV or something?". Hmm no, and given where I live I still rather have a BMW Z4.

The rain had finally died down so I made my way to the second club and found my friend and her friends pretty drunk and merry already. I jumped straight into the vodka, and looked around. Wow, my friend's friends were pretty cute! This was going to be a good night.........

One thing I've realised about myself is I am boring when I'm sober and have nothing to offer a girl in a club. I obviously come off as a sleazeball, and girls are digusted by my mere presence. That totally changes after I have a lot to drink. I'm still a sleazeball, but the girls either can't see it anymore or they don't care! I think it's a combination of the two. I mean if girls can fall for players, they can fall for me, right?

But the thing is I can't remember what I say and how I say it when I'm drunk. So I set myself a mission for the night. I was going to get drunk, and then do what I normally do, but I had to remember exactly what I did and said, and how the girls reacted to that.

So I downed 2 vodka redbulls (had been drinking before that) and then started. I looked around and there was a girl next to me looking pretty bored. She was pretty attractive and wearing a jacket so obviously had come straight from work. I had things easy for myself that night, since everyone was there for my friend's birthday. So that already took care of breaking the ice. Normally I think I just walk up to girls and ask them if they want a drink. Or worse, grab someone's hand and say hi with a ridiculous grin on my face......
That also meant we had something in common (the birthday girl) and topics to talk about. Once I got the girl comfortable, we went to dance and had a good time. But she had to leave due to work the next day, so I just gave her my contact details and left it at that.

By this point in the night, it was getting impossible to control my mind or to record my thoughts anymore. I was turning back into a caveman with no inhibitions, and the price was I wouldn't be able to remember clearly how I got there.

This is when the night got really surreal.

I stated chatting to another girl. She was cute and wore a nice dress, after a brief chat (the contents of which I could not rememeber) we were grinding on the dancefloor. After 10 min of dancing I had her in my arms, and moved behind her, holding her around the waist from behind. I even kissed her on the neck and saw she enjoyed it.
Then she disappeared and I couldn't find her. Ten minutes later she was saying bye to the bday girl and everyone else, including me.......... and she was holding some guy's hand. The girl had a boyfriend, I just didn't know.


Ladies, please understand cavemen have feelings too.

Ok fine, so I'm down but I'm not out. I was still having a good time, despite my jaw having dropped for a second there. So I started to talk to girl number 3. I could tell immediately she was a tough cookie and not easy to crack, and the only thing I could remember in our conversation was asking her what type of guy she thought I was. I remember she said I was the "Cool" type, which I found amusing. Little does she know how uncool and stupid I really am.
The important thing is, I was half way there, and all that counts is the end result. We were dancing close together which means she didn't think I was a weirdo, and attracted.

That's when the bday girl pushed me away and waved a big no, with her forefinger, then dragged her friend away. As I stood there bewildered the bday girl's boyfriend puts his arm around my shoulder and whispers in my ear. "Dude, she's married..........for two years now......"


Cavewomen are a lot worse than cavemen........


missmaomao said...

hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahha oh gosh ... BLACK friday that is !!!

so what does cavewomen means to be exact? since men and women are different ;)

btw have you watched Sex and the City movie? think you should if you havent !! i have seen it twice in the movie theatre already !! AWESOME !!

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Put it this way, lots of girls do things as well that would get them in trouble with their partners, if the partners found out.

I haven't seen the movie yet, been too busy. Might go some time this week.

Open Noodles said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA - I remember you telling me this one at MegaJunk! forking funny man! LOL.

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