Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July/ Chapter 1: June in review

I went and bought myself all seven seasons of sex and the city mainly for research purposes for this blog. Prior to last night I had never watched an entire single episode of the series. I went straight to the movie but had no idea on the history of the characters.

So I went and watched the first episode of season one yesterday and found some points from that episode that matched almost exactly what we've covered in this blog in June. Theses points are from the episode, not me!

It's harder to find the right person in a big city. We don't live in an age of innocence and there's not much real romance out there. (Same here in HK, people have all this money but don't know how to really live a balanced life. Values in big modern day cities are a bit messed up)

There are lots of smart, beautiful career women in NY that are alone. Why are there so many great single women but all the great single guys are taken? (Same in HK, the small gender imbalance makes it a lot harder for girls)

Men are threatened by successful women, so if you want a man and you're successful you need to play dumb. (Definitely true for Asian men, didn't realise it was true even in NYC. For a smart girl the issue isn't about intelligence but swallowing her pride. Not saying you have to do it, that's just the way it is.....)

Women don't like nice guys or hopeless romantics. (What more can I say? Women rarely fall for the nice guys. Nice guys come off as weak and desperate)

Many men feel that marriage is about having kids, and so they delay as long as possible, and find younger women so they can still have kids or settle down later. (Guys in HK are the same. So as I suggested best to find a guy that's already over 30)

Women like to have fun and have their ways with men when younger, but then run out of time. All of a sudden a girl that was getting all the guys can't seem to attract them anymore. (Better stop playing and get serious about finding a guy to marry when you hit 25, because you got a few more years left before your choices narrow down more)

Men feel women have unrealistic expectations and want too much from a man (good career, well off, caring, won't cheat, etc). Whilst if they really want to get married they should just find a short fat guy. (Women in HK are too materialistic, learn to put less importance on the guy's earning power. Hey if you're a successful woman, maybe it's time to reverse the roles and find yourself a man that's not a banker or lawyer. You make the money, and the guy is there to support and love you)

Women feel that even the short fat men are assholes. (Short fat men might be worse. They couldn't get any in highschool, so when they make lots of money later in life they feel they can pay for girls to be with them)

If girls wanted to empower themselves they could have sex like a guy, without emotional attachments and walk away from the guy after. (Read the post about dating younger guys)

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Anonymous said...

u bought all the videos??!!
my god~
u should told me first ~
remember i used to work at Blockbuster!? i got all of them~but i didnt watch~haha
nice ya

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