Saturday, June 28, 2008

Interview with an ex party girl

Below is an interview I made with a girl that used to party a lot, but wants to settle down now. Of course it doesn't reflect the lifestyle or opinions of everyone that goes out to party a lot but very interesting never the less.

Ok so how come you want to settle down?

Because I realized, if I don't settle down now, probably no one will want to marry me. I don't want to be single when I'm 43.

How long have you been partying for and since what age?

I'm 23 now, been partying since I was 17. But each year it gets worse. From last October till March this year was my peak season. But not anymore, I don't wanna meet any guys in clubs again.

How come you partied more and more?

Because I met more and more people and those people always asked me out. So I partied more and more and met even more people.

The guys you had sex with. Did you like them or was it just for fun?

I slept with them because I was drunk. Lonely and drunk. Sometimes I don't remember when and where I met the guys. Don't remember their names, and don't remember which club we met in, and don't remember we fucked, haha.

You were recently with a guy, what was your ex like?

Handsome, rich and good looking, but he was married.

So why you go for him if he was married?

He's been married for 5 yrs now, and I knew that before I started a relationship with him. I liked him and he treated me very well. I just wanted to have some fun at first, but after a year I was madly in love with him and wanted to have him.

What made you fall for him?

Every girl loved him, made me feel so good to have him. My friend also had a crush on him, but he chose me and not my friend. He treated me like a queen. He was my soul mate.

So if you knew he was married and everything was good why you two split up?

I slept with his friends for revenge. He was with his wife every night, so I felt I could sleep with other guys.

Ok, I guess that's fair...

No it's not. He told me he was married and I accepted that. I can't complain about that, and use it as a reason to sleep with his friends.

So what now? You going to find a new guy?

I've found a new guy already, but it's complicated.

What's complicated?

He says he wants to take it slow. and wants to know more about me before deciding if he wants to be in a relationship or not. It's bullshit, like I'm on probation. He's got all the boyfriend rights but none of the responsibilities. He kisses me, touches me, sleeps with me, but says we're just friends. We're just friends.........and according to him we're not dating each other, we're just chilling out.

So is he a local, studied overseas, or grew up overseas?

He was born in Australia, was in HK for Kindergarten, then primary school, highschool and university in Australia.

What profession?


Lol, I guessed he would be a banker. So how you meet him?

My friend pimped us, haha. We had sex the first time we met because I was drunk.

How did that go down?

We met in a bar with my friend, started drinking and I was tipsy. He said he wanted to play poker so I went to his place with my friend, then my friend left. I don't remember the rest very well, just that we had sex in his guest room and then once in his bedroom.

So now you're seeing this guy?

Not really seeing, just friends. If he wants me and I'm free I'll go to his place. We're FBs, friends with benefits, haha.

Right. Hey why aren't we FBs?

Because you're not my cup of tea, and he is.

Fair enough haha. So if you're going to give up on partying how you going to meet guys in the future?

Don't want to meet la, I give up. The one I love is married, and the one that I get along with just wants to fuck with me. I give up on meeting guys in clubs, and give up on guys that work in the finance industry.

Bankers are that bad huh?

Bankers are not bad, problem is they are too good. Every girl wants them. It's very hard being a woman.

Why is it hard to be a woman?

If you are not smart enough and don't have an academic background, guys don't want you, because they want a woman that can help. But if you are too smart then no guys approach you. You know la......ego ma. If you are ugly no guys want you, and if you're too pretty guys will be scared to approach you. Need to be smart and know how to play dumb.

You know how my ex's wife kept him in the marriage? His wife knows everything but plays dumb.

So what's the deal now with your current guy?

Well, last time I was out with my FB I told him I was going to leave him for another guy. He freaked out and treats me very good now. He never held my hand on the street before but he's willing to now, and he's willing to introduce me to his friends now. Sometimes you need to play games, when I'm here he takes me for granted, but when I told him I'm leaving he realized he needs me. Doesn't want to commit, but still wants me.

So I guess we all need to play smart huh?

Yeah play smart, but it's hard for a girl to play smart. Girls can be a good player before having sex with a guy. But the more a girl sleeps with a guy the less willpower she has in avoiding falling for the guy.

Cool, thanks for your time. Hey so when we going out to party?


missmaomao said...

I must agree girls who're real smart are the ones who knows how to play dumb. However, what's the point of sticking with a guy whom u know he's not faithful to you? Knows everything but plays dumb? ... i've tried and its very tiring

so why stick with a guy like that? for financial needs? for love? for family (if have kids)?

I think its quite silly and waste of time and love to stick with a man like that. For money? i'll make my own .. For love? who can love u more than u, urself? For family (if have kids)? its not healthy for them to see parents arguing or being unhappy too.

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Some girls are just having fun as well. They are hoping for more but if they don't get it they don't care too much.

Other girls are hoping more commitment will come and hope for the best, that's when they get hurt.

missmaomao said...

damn .. seems like having fun is better than hoping for more commitment ?!?!

Jen said...

I guess some girls are just not strong enough to walk out of the relationship... maybe they are afraid to make any changes?

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Generally that's true for girls in unhappy relationships that have lasted a long time.

I don't think the FB situation in this case is like that.

Notafob said...

Firstly I'm quite sure at age 23, the "settling down" won't be for good....I've never understood the meaning of "settling down" anyways. If it means a stable boyfriend/girlfriend, that could turn in a split second when things turn sour.

What is it with ibankers that are so attractive? (By ibanker I don't mean someone who works at Goldman Sachs or MS...etc, but someone actually in Corp Finance.) I mean sure they make good money but then again so do traders and brokers.

freakinlovinit said...

HAHAHAHAH Loving this part!!!

Right. Hey why aren't we FBs?

Because you're not my cup of tea, and he is.

LOL!!! - Was you stung Carlton?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

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