Friday, June 6, 2008

June/ Chapter 10: Need to find a guy for a friend

Ok, so the girl is about 5"6, very pretty, nice personality, and fun to hang out with. Easy to find a guy la!

Her criteria list seemed easy at first, but then I did a closer examination and found the following.

1) Age requirement, 25-34:

Pool: 462,000 males in this age group in Hong Kong.

2) Must be Chinese, 94.9% of population. I know a lot of people need this, because they need someone with a similar cultural background.

Pool: 0.95 X 462,000 = 438,900

But it's ok, if you're this gwei lo.........

= 438,901

3) Not ABC, but not local. So the Western educated type that's still in touch with their Chinese heritage. Now, some people study in HK but are still pretty Western, other people go overseas to study and just hang out with Chinese friends so pretty local. Need to make a guess here. Think we're talking about 20%.

Pool: 0.2 X 438.901 = 87,780 rounded down

4) Height, must be 5"11 or above. Not sure why because 5"6 + 3 inch heels = 5"9.......
Pool: 0.25 X 87.780 = 21,945

5) Has to be nice. Assume this means pleasant personality, nice to the girl, not a "dai nam yan", and always a gentleman. Presentable, doesn't fart in bed, willing to talk and not fall asleep straight after sex. How long are we talking about here?

a) Pool after dating 1 month: 0.9 X 21,945 = 19,750

b) Pool after dating 2 years or more: 0.2 X 21,945 = 4,390

c) Pool after married 20 years or more: 0 X 21,945 = 0

6) Not a playa. Hmm, most probably filtered out from question 5b , since playas don't get past 1 month most of the time, and almost never past 2 years.

0.95 X 4,390 = 4,170

7) Funny, with a sense of humor. Most HK guys are able to laugh but not very funny. You might need to find a Gwei lo for that.....

0.3 X 4170 = 1251

At this point I'm thinking to myself. Hmm, interesting. If I write a blog about how people can increase their chances in finding a match maybe lots of people will read it! Let your friends know about this blog if you think they will like it =P. Oh yeah, any guys out there interested?


missmaomao said...

yaa i like that gwai lo LOL

missmaomao said...

and damn i have been promoting ur blog to my friends already dude .. so u better keep posting up interesting blogs here ;) have fun in taipei~!! then maybe you can write up sth "HOT MATES FROM TAIPEI" lol

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Thanks Maomao, if anything worth writing about happens this weekend I will make a post about it! =)

Anonymous said...

Let's see a picture of Miss Picky...

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