Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad boys come first, Gay men come second, Nice guys come last

Ok I've seriously cut down on the partying and clubbing so I can focus on my writing, and just want to meet a girl I actually like. So tonight was a really surreal experience.

I went clubbing with 7 people tonight and one of the girls I kinda like but I can tell she just wasn't interested and when everyone spread out her and another girl went and spent the entire night with some guys I know that are players. Maybe they're just friends.

But get this.

Meanwhile as I was going wtf, the only gay guy in our group dances with loads of girls. So I start testing this all out. Bad boys > gay men > nice guys.

So I go hit on girls like I usually do and get responses.

Then I walk straight up to two girls say I'm 100% gay and make them laugh and get them to dance with me.

But then I act like a nice guy and crash and burn 100% of the time.


Why the hell are all my female friends asking me to intro nice guys to them? If I introduce you to them you're going to complain they're friggin boring! At least ask for exactly what you want, ie NICE and CONFIDENT/FUN, but no one ever mentions the words confident or fun......

The reason there seem to be no nice (AKA nice and confident) guys out there is because if you cut out all the jerks and the nice "boring wimps". Then you got a small percentage of the men left, and most of those (since they respect women) are already in a commited relationship and not screwing around.

The reality is there are few nice guys that have a backbone. Most nice guys will jump when a woman goes "doggy, jump!". Whilst most of the men with backbones that don't fear the consequences of their actions, just don't give a crap about a woman's feelings.

If you want to find the type of man that's strong and interesting, but also a loving husband, like Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart (minus the kilt) you're going about it the wrong way if you think you can turn an outgoing jerk into one.

Love doesn't turn an asshole into a nice person. Well maybe for 2-3 years but not forever. Who the hell dreamt of the changing guy theory anyway? Hollywood?

So basically 100% of the single female population are competing for 2-3% of the single male population that are strong and nice at the same time. That's why there's a shortage of "nice" (aka Nice and confident) guys all over the world. That's why "there are no nice guys out there" is a complaint voiced by single women everywhere.

Solution? Everyone GO FOR THE GAY MEN!

(for the real solution you can contact me personally or just buy the friggin book when it comes out)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Book is done!

If anyone has contacts in publishing in the UK or US please let me know.

The first half of my book explains how to spot jerks and how to avoid them. The second half of the book explains how to attract decent men, and the positive thinking processes required to get them.
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