Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June/ Chapter 5: Ignorance is bliss

Most of the people that read my notes on facebook, and now on this blog enjoy the read. But last night someone got really upset at me for writing this stuff. I write all this because it's fun, and in researching for this blog I learn more about people, myself and relationships.

Most people know what the term ignorance is bliss means. Basically, if we don't know something then it can't hurt us. Growing up almost everyone learns that the world is not as nice a place as what we thought as kids. The world is a competitive place, and people can be cruel. Hell, we don't even live in a place where people starve to death, nor do we live in a war zone. My friend just got back from Iraq and 3 of his friends died in his battlion.

Our problems living in nice comfy homes are nothing compared to those that feel the real bitterness of life and reality. If a kid who's lost both parents in the Sichuan earthquake can suck it up, then so can we. Being able to even discuss relationships is a privilege of an affluent society.

Have you ever seen the movie "A few good men"? Remember the scene where Jack Nicholson shouts in the courtroom....."You can't handle the truth!". Hmm, I disagree.

As people learn more about the world they lose their innocence and the bliss that comes with not knowing. There's two ways people will handle the truth. Either they get hurt and hide under layers to protect themselves. Or the truth sets them free. I guess different people react differently and there's no changing their reaction, but for me the truth gives me strength, knowledge and the ability to improve the situation should that situation go counter to what I want.

Give you an example. I found out a while back someone who's totally not capable on my team was getting paid a lot more than everyone else. If I didn't know that news then I probably would have just stuck to what I was doing, ignorant to that fact. Knowing that fact made me unhappy about my job and the situation. But it also drove me to ask for a raise, and if I don't get the raise come the next review then I'll look for work elsewhere.

If that was a relationship then the equivalent would be one partner cheating. If the other person never found out then they would be ignorant to the fact and life would go on. Knowing the fact makes the person unhappy, but it then drives them to ask their partner to stop it, or they will leave.

Ignorance is not bliss, it's how you handle the knowledge, and if you handle it well the truth sets you free to live a better and braver life. Thus this blog and all that's in it, is the truth about how people are, and if not knowing is better then don't read it, but even if you don't know you can get hurt by people. At least knowing will give you more control over the situation....


OilySun said...

so why did someone upset you? what did they say?

Hkizzle said...

Hi oilysun. No one upset me, someone just got upset at what I wrote. I don't think she wanted to believe what I was writing about men, and felt I was generalising in terms of what men and women are like. But really, in parts 1 and 2 I was mainly focusing on genetic drivers of the entire human race, you can read it in any text book. She also got upset because she felt these were my opinions, but on the contrary most points have been well researched. Only some poinst are opinions.
So anyway, I knew why she was upset, this post was just to exaplain why I posted what I posted. The posts are meant to help people, if the truth hurts, please don't read them.

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