Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June/ Chapter 25: Goldfinger.......

It's only right that if I am to write about James Bond, I should also write about his nemesis, Goldfinger.

Now unbeknown to everyone in the World apart from myself, a select few and the late Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond books). The original character in the Goldfinger novel and later movie was meant to be a woman. A stunning looking woman who was so good at her job as a gold digger she had been bestowed most of the world's gold by the rich men under her control.

Goldfinger lives in Asia.......

Now, every girl wants her boyfriend to buy her gifts on special occassions, and would prefer a rich and successful guy, if all other things such as personality were equal. But there are lots of women in HK and in Asia in general that select their men with a very heavy weighting on how well the man can provide for her. A lot of women even date or marry men that they probably do not find attractive at all, but they stay with the man for the money and free gifts.

There's three main reasons for this. Whilst Western culture looks down on such behaviour, and has less emphasis on the importance of material wealth when picking a partner, lots of Asian cultures have traditionally put more importance on materialism. Just think about Chinese New Year, when we celebrate and wish people good luck, we offer money in little red packets. Similar customs exist in Japan and other asian countries.

Another reason is due to the gap between the rich and the poor in many Asian countries. In the West there tends to be a large middle class and there is a smaller weath gap. In HK or in large Chinese cities such as Shanghai there is immense wealth, but concentrated in fewer hands. So there is more drive for certain individuals without the wealth to pursue wealth.

Finally, big cities exist simply because they are more efficient at creating innovations, developement, wealth, commerce, etc. Big cities are more competitive and wealth is a symbol of success. Even in Sex and the City, the tagline was "labels and love", labels of course represent materialism. Big city life and people are naturally more materialistic.

The existence of Goldfinger is not strange to me at all. As I mentioned already, it's evolutionary nature for a woman to find a man that can provide. What I do find strange are the men that date Goldfinger. They must be either so rich they don't care a woman only loves them for their money. Willing to pay for a hot trophy wife or GF because the woman makes them look good, and/or ugly enough (looks and personality) to need to pay to find substitute love.

But for the rest of us, if we want to avoid Goldfinger, here are some signs we've met her:

1) She's more interested in what you do for a living and how much you make than your headhunter.

2) She doesn't seem to have a job but what she wears makes her look like a promotion girl for "Chanel" or "Jimmy Choo". (she could be daddy's princess, but that's probably just as bad)

3) It's your 4th date and you've paid for everything on all 4 dates.

4) She's less than 1/2 your age.

Here are some sure sighs you're already under the control of Goldfinger:

1) You get laid off by your bank due to the current credit crunch. A week later you return home and find your woman is gone, along with all the stuff you've ever bought for her. On the bed you find a note that says. "PS, I will always remember you!"

2) You're rich but don't trust your finances with anyone. As you go to bed one night with your woman next to you, you bring up the topic of signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married. She immediately puts her finger over your mouth, says "shush, don't think so much baby" and then proceeds to give you the best blowjob you've ever had in your life.

3) One day to your astonishment your girlfriend tells you she's pergnant. You're astonished because she was meant to be on the pill, and you were wearing condoms. Then you take a look at the box of condoms and find someone's used a pin to prick little holes in all of them. (Actually this strategy of getting pregnant was probably used on a guy I know)

4) Your will was last edited for you by your wife who's 60 years younger!


MissMatch said...

It's not so much about girls seeing guys as "ATM machines", it's one of the determinant whether the guy can provide. As much as you mentioned in chapter 2 that "Money and an established good career contrary to just ambition is solid proof that a guy can already provide for the woman and for her offspring.....materialism is a way for the girl to see if the guy can actually provide for her and a couple's future together."

So when a guy actually complains about paying for the 4th date, then please just walk away once and for all, and stop pretending NOT being a cheapskate.

One of my friend told me that he once picked up a girl at a club (ur 2nd home btw), took her home and the next morning, he was asked to buy her a LV bag. Well, there's no free lunch buddy.

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Lol, and since it was already the next morning, I would have told the girl. "hey the door is that way".

Hey I agree with you completely that materialism is a way for a girl to judge if a guy can provide. I mean I wrote it on this very blog!

But if a girl was really smart she wouldn't let the guy know she's reading him this way. Girls in HK complain they can't find the "right one", when materialism is one of the things that drive away lots of potential "right guys".

Let's flip this around, if you sensed a guy was only with you because he wanted sex with you. Would that make you feel more attracted or less attracted to that guy?

Reverse the cheapskate arguement. If a girl walks away from a guy because the guy only wants sex after 4 dates, and not going to commit to her, is she being frigid?

There's smarter ways to play the game. Girls that limit their chances because they are more worried about LV bags, shouldn't complain if they are single at 40 but have a closet full of LV bags...

Anonymous said...

missmatch....that's hilarious that one of your friends asked the guy she had a one night stand with to buy her a LV bag!! Good for her, she sounds like a Pro! ;)

If a girl ever said that to me, my response would be, "sure, let's go to Mong Kok and get you an LV bag...simply because last night wasn't REAL love, it was just sex".

Notafob said...

Muahaha #2 was awesome. Materialism is a way of judging if a guy can provide... I don't buy that to the full extent..."providing" should mean providing for basic neccessities at a decent standard of living. I agree with what's written as in 4th date and if you still have to pay for everything, she's a goner. Personally if the girl didn't even make the ATTEMPT to pay the first time I would rule her out 90%, if she doesn't say thanks then she's done on the spot.

About the LV bag, might as well just tell me at the club, then i'd save money on drinks at least...get straight to business and pay cash after, if she's willing to go so low as to price herself, so be it.

Carrie Bradshaw said...

Carlton, I think you're way off the mark...a true pro would never reveal herself like that! Wayyyy tooo oooobbbbvvvviiiioooouuuusss!!!

on the other hand, a guy who falls for that is a sucker..or is well suited to that type of girl... seems like a decent guy or girl wouldn't do that...

Carlton Bradshaw said...

On these class sterotyping posts, I have to exaggerate....

If I don't at least try to make it come off as a joke and talk about what people really do, then there's going to be a whole lot of pissed off readers....

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