Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interview with trader girl

Below is a discussion I had with trader girl. Trader girl works in the finance industry and obviously a trader. Smart, attractive and knows what the relationship scene is like, and she's pretty picky about her guys. But who can blame her?

Trader girl: So how has it been here? Anything exciting, you've been going out a lot?

CB: Yeah, a bit. Went to Taipei and hooked up with "Ms player' again. Junk trips, usual clubbing etc

Oh that’s was Taipei? Assuming u had a blast…..miss player...hahhaa. Actually in Vancouver there are loads of playettes. So weird, a lot of my guy friends has had their girlfriends cheat on them or dump them

Interesting, and this is the Asian community?

Correct. I think it all comes down to choices. When there are more choices, or all choices are of the same caliber then you'll be more like to stray.

I don't get why girls cheat. Doesn't make much sense, leaving the guy makes more sense

Why do men cheat...isnt it the same thing ?

Different, men are genetically driven to wanna have sex with lots of women. Women are designed to find the best man. So if a man isn't worth sticking with, might as well dump him.

Well, thats the thing though isn't it, I tell u why women cheat. We may be interested in another guy because he's better in some better looking, smarter, richer or whatever. But we might feel secure with our man and women need security. So we cheat, sex may not be the driver, but it still ends up witth the same result

Yeah, most girls I know seem to have overlapping relationships. They won't leave the first guy till they're firm with the new one.

Yup, so women still cheat...for different reasons though, but the pain i'm sure is just as bad.


How old is Ms Player?

27, turning 28 this yr

Oh that ain’t young either. I was thinking she must be young, Good for her, i like that in a girl, finally someone not desperate for a dude

All about power

Women here are powerless and they're pathetic

lol, that bad huh?

Well they use sex to get power. ie to get a man to fall in love with them and give them money and buy them stuff. But that to me isn’t real power

Why's that?

A guy who’s rich, has the ability to dump the chick, he has the choice to walk away. Let’s face it, when the guy gets sick of u, he trashes you. What can you do? Beg him back?

But so can the girl (walk away) if she's hot enough to get multiple rich guys

She has to fuck undesirable guys. That’s like a hooker.

So what's real power?

When you’re the one that has the money or controls the relationship because then it’s your choice.

With your level of insight into relationships you find it hard to find a guy you like?

I rarely like a guy....


*When I thought about it, I knew tons of girls that were good looking, were rich or had good careers, or both. But they were all single, and that was interesting material for a new post.


Anonymous said...

I think i'm in love with Trader Girl....if you're reading this, i'll be your love slave!

Carlton Bradshaw said...

lol, holyshit, that was the funniest thing I've read all week.

reiko said...

i know many gfs who are decent looking, have good jobs, are financially independent and are interesting and really good pple but have been single forever coz of the pathetic limited pool of decent guys ard here! most of kids come here for two things, money and fun - i think we gals have more luck meeting decent guys anywhere but here.

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Hmm, if you haven't read my posts about compromise I suggest you read those first. Might have to lower standards slightly for how charismatic you expect "decent guys" to be.

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