Monday, July 14, 2008

July/ Chapter 5: Back to Taipei

It’s been 5 weeks since the last Taipei trip and I was again stuck in the airport for 2 hours eating noodles with friends. Do not ever take the Friday 8:50pm Dragonair flight from HK to Taipei. It’s always late because it has to pick up passengers from connecting flights in China, so if the Chinese flights are delayed, it gets delayed.

I was going back to visit Ms female Player. The one that asked me “Are you sure you want to do this?” last time, and left me in a room by myself at 6:30am. I was drunk last time and I wanted to go see what the girl was like when I wasn’t a caveman. Or maybe I was just a sick puppy and wanted to be dumped and wake up alone in my room in the morning.

Our flight didn’t take off for another 30 minutes which meant we probably couldn't get out to any clubs till 2am, and I was thoroughly down. So I tried to make the most of the bad situation, hopefully some hot girl would sit next to me on the flight, so at least I could chat to her and feel better about the bad start. I waited in eager anticipation, and eyes glimmered with hope each time I saw a hot girl walk down the aisle towards me. But time and time again they sat down before my row or walked past.

Finally a girl sat down next to me, and all my friends cracked up. I could tell she was probably hot some time in the distant past, but that was probably before WW2, the oldest woman on the entire flight had just sat down next to me, and the kid with her was probably her great grandson.

We did the usual rush from the airport and I headed to the club first to meet Ms Player. I didn't want her to wait any longer in case she fell asleep, because other than to have a fun holiday with friends, the main reason for having the trip was to visit Ms Player.

I finally showed up at the front entrance of Luxy and she was waiting for me. Looking very attractive, and making the late night trip to Taipei worthwhile all of a sudden. My friends finally showed up and we all headed up to the club together, and found my two friends that were already in Taipei. One of the guys was living in Taipei now, and the main reason was because of the partying and the girls. I wouldn't blame him either, I mean every guy I've met that's been to Taipei has had good things to say about the place.

We got to their table, and as expected, they had about ten girls with them. They had been asking girls to come over to their table all night, and also some PR girls from the club were there trying to get them to drink more. We all sat down and the friends that were with me started standing around restlessly. The couple that came didn't know quite what to do, whilst the single guys were trying to figure out how exactly to act with the girls.

One of the hottest girls I had even seen in a club then sat next to me and tried to get me to drink with her. She was a PR girl called Candy, and Candy made guys buy far more alcohol than guys would normally spend in a club. But Candy had picked the wrong guy on the wrong night to drink with her. Ms Player jokingly told me to hang out with Candy, but I knew all women get jealous, this was such an obvious trap and I wouldn't fall for it.

My single guy friends went on the hunt and soon it was just me and Ms Player sitting at the table. I felt awkward at first because I could hardly remember a thing from the last time we met. Pretty much all I remember was being really drunk, and then the next thing I knew I had a cute girl in my hotel room. This time I was so late I was completely sober, so I hadn't transformed into a caveman and was totally unsure about what to say or what to do.

So after 45 min of trying I just said what was on my mind............"Hey this is boring, wanna just go back to my hotel and have sex?". I knew as soon as I said that I had made a big mistake, because no girl would wanna have sex with a boring guy after a couple of drinks. So I was surprised when she said "sure".

Four hours, eight positions and two showers later, I realised why I remembered the sex last time was so good even though I was totally wasted. Finally I had found a cavewoman and she wanted exactly what I wanted, physical bliss without any sort of emotional attachment or worse, guilt involved.

The next night a female friend of mine who knew about my last Taipei trip wanted to meet Ms Player and when she saw her was surprised Ms Player wasn't better looking. Now Ms Player is good looking but my friend thought I would pick to have an one night stand with a stunning type of girl. But here's the thing that a lot of people don't realise. The best sex isn't necessarily with the best looking people. Some people are just better at it than others, and it's simply down to practice or being intuitive about what makes other people feel good.
So that's why I've stressed in this blog that learning how to be better in bed is important, it can really add a new dimension ot a relationship. Or simply drive people crazy.

Over the weekend I found out more about Ms Player during daytime. She was a really lovely girl, and showed me and my friends around Taipei for two days. She was always happy and smiling, and had this confident but chilled out demeanor that I rarely see in girls or guys.

I found out after two days that I liked Ms Player. She wasn't just a girl that had played me, she just knew where she stood and knew how to control her emotions. She walked out on me last time because she knew I wasn't ready to settle down myself. But she was still willing to have sex just because it felt good. Then I realised what it was like for sleep with someone and to start getting emotional about it, but not getting the commitment in return.

Sadly, both of us don't believe in long distance relationships, so I went back to Hong Kong with my friends with some great memories, but slightly sad and lonely inside.


Anonymous said...

""was surprised Ms Player wasn't better looking.""
hahaha~ok~that's true! (Jo)

Anonymous said...

oh~how do u think about the the cavewoman? with a caveman~ ha

Anonymous said...

Being a player myself. I think you can still stay friends with somebody, think about them, sms them and not get into a long term relationship. It's all about caring, you might not be the right guy she wants to marry to, but it always feel good to have somebody who cares about you when you are down and equally she will care about you if you show that you can be a good friend.

Anonymous said...

right~i agree with u ! (JO)

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