Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug/ Chapter 1: Shanghai nights

Ok, gonna take a small break from the relationship advice for women, and tell you a story from a few months ago. It's a story about treating your women right. See, when a woman really loves a man she can put up with a lot of shit. The guy can be a total bastard to her, and she might even know her man is cheating. But no matter how much a woman loves her man, if he keeps breaking her heart and someone else comes along and the conditions are right, she's going to cheat.

It was getting close to winter and I was visiting my best friend yet again in Shanghai. He had recently gotten married with his lovely wife whom I was also friends with. But I stay at their place each time I go because it's fun to hang out at night, do boys stuff like eat and drink late into the night whilst chatting and playing his Xbox.

Shanghai is one of the biggest party towns in the World, and it has the best looking women on earth there. The best looking females out of a 1.2 billion population gravitate to this Mecca of decadence, and debuchery for two men with money. One thing I both like and dislike about Shanghai is how easy the locals girls are. Not all the girls are like that, but a lot of the girls just throw themselves at the expat men.

Being a Western educated Chinese with money is Shanghai is like being a hungry man at a free buffet at the Grand Hyatt. It's the only place I've ever been to where I didn't have to hit on women, and the women walked up to me. But there's one thing that I can't stand about Shanghai, and that was the stench of golddiggers. I hate women that go after men not because they are in love, but because they are in love with a man's wallet.

My friend has a big crew in Shanghai, in his short time there he and his wife had built an extensive network of friends and associates, so it was a lot of fun to go up there. Whenever I go up there I don't have to make an effort to meet strangers, it always feels like I was visiting my second home.

The clubs are excellent, much better than the ones in Hong Kong. One of my best friend's buddies was a western educated Chinese guy that was totally pimped out with a crew of hot female friends. He was no gangster but his table was the stuff of dreams with tall, beautiful, leggy girls grinding against the guys, and they weren't even pros.

I started dancing and grinding with one of the girls who spoke English well, and found out she was educated in Australia and used to be a flight attendant. OH flight attendant! Flight attendants were girls I've always wanted to try but never gotten. These days there are a lot around in HK, but they are still every guy's dream, especially when the guy's out of town and in party mode.

A few hours later I was taking the girl back to her place and we were making out in the cab. When we got downstairs I asked if I could go up to her place and that's when she dropped a bombshell on me. She told me she had a boyfriend and loved him very much. I struggled to think of a reason why she didn't really love her boyfriend, and should spend the night with me. "But, but........" I spluttered, and then she left.

You have no idea how lonely it is to be in your best friend's living room in Shanghai by yourself at 4am, with a cup noodle and a Xbox

The next day whilst at a lunch buffet with my friend and his buddies at the Westin I called the girl and arranged to meet her for dinner. The Westin serves free Champagne, and there was lots of beer and whisky at the Karaoke in the afternoon. So when I met the girl I was already in caveman mode, happy and talkative.

I found out later that night her boyfriend was an expat and businessman, and he was a real bastard to her. She had quit her job as a flight attendant because he didn't like her flying around, being in other cities, with the potential of meeting other men. She wasn't working for a mainland Chinese carrier either, it was an international carrier which paid well, so she had made a big sacrifice for him. But despite her sacrifice he neglected her, and talked down to her.

So I did what any decent guy who wanted to sleep with a girl that's taken would do. I told her, her boyfriend was a scumbag and she deserved someone better.

A few hours later after spending some time at a local club, we were downstairs at her apartment again. This time I got out of the cab to kiss her good bye. I told myself there was no way I was eating a cup noodle by myself that night, playing Xbox alone in the dark in my best friend's apartment

So I spent half an hour in the freezing cold telling her she deserved better and her boyfriend was a scumbag. Then out of nowhere the best line I had ever uttered in my entire life popped out of my mouth......."hey babe, I don't want to intrude but I need a drink and the toilet, can I come up to your place for a few minutes?"


The girl turned out to be crazy in bed. She was relatively quiet and demure at dinner, but when we got to her bedroom she rode me like a sex starved insane bitch. It was kinda surreal, being drunk, happy that I wasn't playing on my friends Xbox two nights in a row, and wondering how a girl can be so surprisingly different in bed. Then I realised it was because she really was sex starved and going insane, because her man was never around her.

We had breakfast and then after I said bye to my best friend I took a cab to the airport with the girl. She wasn't taking me all the way to the airport to say bye to me at the departure gate. The girl was picking her boyfriend up, because he was landing an hour after I took off.

Truly classic, the guy had been away for the weekend on business, probably in some other town in China screwing another girl, smug and happy that he was away from his annoying girlfriend. Meanwhile some guy from Hong Kong, was fucking his girlfriend's brains out in his apartment.

So treat your woman right, or next time she picks you up at the airport with a big grin on her face, it's not because she's happy to see you......


Anonymous said...

This is the best blog I have come across since God knows when.. you have said what I wanted to explain to my female friends for years but they just don't seem to get what we males want and how we tick.. but bloody hell this is like a thesis paper.

I'm a banker from Singapore by the way.. :)

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Thanks man. Actually, not a thesis, this blog acts as my online notes.

I'll be writing a book one day, and it will be more structured than what I've put in this blog. But I need to make sure there's enough interest to get a publisher to publish such a book.

So please help me tell your friends about this blog. Thanks =)

Alieeeson said...


Me and my Wrong partner in crime will have to come up to Shanghai with you one day, especially since we know your group too. :)

Anonymous said...

What she said made her sound even more like a typical mistress; she is lying about her past to make you think she is slightly better than the others. She is in an abusive relationship all because of love? Seriously, if a girl with that kind qualifications she won't have a problem find a nicer man. She stays because of money!! Typical, typical…haha…I learnt that form my experiences with girls here in Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Shanghai girl, and I can tell you most of the girls who walk to to you are from elsewhere in China. These girls came to Shanghai hoping to find a rich man because obviously there is more chance here, They only ended up ruining the reputation of Shanghai girls. So next time you come to Shanghai just ask the girls where they are from, and don't be surprised to find probably non of them are Shanghainese.

I quite like your blog otherwise.

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Yeah, I apologize. It's after I wrote some of the blog that I realized I generalized too much, and that's a mistake.

I know some really nice Shanghai girls.

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