Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sep/ Chapter 3: Psycho?

Below is a post a woman actually made in a personal ad. It was forwarded to me by a friend who said it's a real ad. I'm not so sure, but considering this is Hong Kong, I'm not surprised if it is real. My advice is not to post an ad like this, or to expect any man will ever want a woman like this.


I am hoping to have a handsome, very nice and normal CAUCASIAN gentleman who can be my husband. I have seen some European men can get married with HK women after they met a couple weeks right away so I take this chance for myself. Honestly I do not expect that we have to be a perfect match to fall in love. I wish I can meet you in the right time for a serious long term relationship and develop a family right away together. If you can't meet my expectations and demanding, please simply do not reply. I know that a handsome, good and very nice Caucasian gentleman can make decision quickly. I hope you are with the VERY BEST INTENTIONS AND EXCELLENT PROPOSAL for me !! In case, you are a honorable person you should provide this road map to me with clear milestones. In case, you don't have firm intentions to be with me, please leave me out of any games and stay away. I may not hit the right tone sometimes but I believe I express my wish and goals in a very clear manner. I believe action speaks louder than words. I promise you this is a real posting, not a spam or fake so please be ready if you are a real gentleman for this sweetheart. I would like to show you how men cheated here on this site. I hope you are all about envisioning what I want for my life which will help manifest my dreams. You let my desires be known! Sorry, I do not have so much time for all BS.

PLEASE tell me something about yourself and send your RECENT PHOTOS, CONTACT DETAILS and TELEPHONE NO. If you do not give your information then I will just pass 'Delete'. You are ready getting into the airplane; coming to meet me in Hong Kong IMMEDIATELY. I won't be afraid to take a few risks but I would not travel all the way to USA or Europe or anywhere so you'd better come and meet me in Hong Kong first, however I would consider to travel and move once I clarified your identity.


1. If you come here only for your business trip or just for fun, not for keeps then please go for NEXT. I am NOT interested to be your temporary companion or FREE tour guide.

2. You are ready to devote your life to establishing and building a strong and serious long term relationship leading to marriage and to have our own beautiful babies together soon. You want to have our own 1-2 kids in the future who can learn and play with my ideal future husband.

3. You are personal financially very stable and secured - RICH. You can give me everything what I need and want with actions because of LOVE. You should / can afford the whole family. You can give and share your wealth with real proofs and actions. I know some nice caucasian gentlemen can do it for their women.

4. You are healthy and fit, not a drinker/smoker, no cigar and drug, thanks ! You are not into the bars very much !! You like to eat everything if the food is good. Yes, I can cook yummy western and eastern food but not every day. I am scared of too oily food. I like dining out as well.

5. You're willing to travel to Hong Kong and meet me in person and my parents. YES, we can travel or move to anywhere of the world !!

6. You appreciate "staying home woman" who can add values being with you but I am not your maid and you are not looking for a career woman.

7. I want to show you what it means to have a loyal partner (not a fooling pig) who will completely commit myself to ONE VERY NICE GENTLEMAN.

8. You are not a big sport fans. I mean you do not watch sports channels all the time and play sports all the time during all weekends !!

9. You are in the age around late 30s- 40s years old; good and clean shape, WHITE, HANDSOME. YOU MUST BE VERY SINGLE.

10. Easy to talk to but SERIOUS, ROMANCE, CARING, RESPONSIBLE FOR ME, ONE WOMAN MAN. I do not want to have HIV.

11. You have to accept everything good and bad of me.

12. You are not in any religions because I am not.

13. You do not carry your ex. baggage and you do not talk to other women. You have never married with no kids. If you are divorced then I would consider it if you are for real but please do not give me your ex. baggage and lies !!!!

14. You don't let any gossips or comments and then you let go your ambition and confident. You'll always protect and love me.

This is SHE.

1. Hong Kong Born, Middle 30s, realistic, direct, straight, slim-slender with long brown hair and eyes, quite pretty and look younger as some people said !

2. I am wanting to marry with A Handsome, Very Nice, Normal Caucasian Gentleman for a serious long term relationship leading to marriage who is SIMPLE, HONEST, SINCERE, PASSIONATE and UPFRONT WITH ME seriously.

3. Liked dress very casual to classy dress up.

4. I am not into bar sense pretty much. I do not like to pick any guys or being picked at the bars. I usually hang out with my friends once in a while.

5. I do not smoke and drink socially (just a couple of beer or wine), no drug, thanks !

6. I am in an INTERNATIONAL city (HONG KONG).

7. I prefer MONOGAMOUS relationship - NOT COMPLICATED.

8. I have never married with no kids.

9. I am willing to relocate to be with you and you must have to arrange all things for me.

10. I could not be with any men who's very selfish and cared about himself more than me !

11. I do not think highly of myself. I don't have to tell you what is my education because I am not applying a job here. It makes a lot of senses. A job should not be related to a personal relationship. Some people like this way to have their relationships but at the end, the relationships did not work out after a certain years what I have known. I do not mess up my relationships.

12. I am not a superstar.

PLEASE DO IT, PLEASE DO NOT JUST SAY IT. IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE !!! Again, please read my posting clearly before you decided to response ! Please do not bother me if you cannot meet my expectations and demanding. I am not interested in any playboys, fakers and old men who plays games all time !!


Anonymous said...


I can't believe a fellow yellow-skin woman would ever write this! It's amazing! (I have to say she has "beautiful" English.) Just by reading her ad will definitely make my mates respond. :-) And when the lads meet her, I'm sure she'll look like Gong Li and have 5 billion to her name. Very original ad. I'm inspired already. All the best to her! Indeed! :-)

wendy said...


ike said...

BTW -- How did you choose the name Carlton Bradshaw? Reminds me of the character from Fresh Prince! :)

Carlton Bradshaw said...

I didn't pick it myself, when I first started this blog someone called me by that name. Obviously they were paying tribute to the Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious, totally!! Good luck to her "husband searching" game. I reckon she will be single forever unless there is another psycho in USA or Europe wants her.

Lisa said...

You have to give her credit for being aggressive and knowing what she wants. In some cases, it works - but obviously not on the relationship platter. I have no problems with someone who is willing to state it like it is. This is what she wants, she won't settle for less and probably being at mid-30's, you have to set some boundaries. It's different for people who meet their partner when they are much younger (say in the 20's), you end up growing up together, maturing together and all the other stuff that comes with long term relationships. I have many older single friends who are very focused on their objective in finding the right partner - no beating around the bush, no experimenting. It's direct, it's concise and you cut out all the bull shit of dating.

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