Monday, April 13, 2009

Apr/ Chapter 1: Speed seduction

First, take a look at this program:

The global pick up artist community has been steadily growing for a number of years now. For those that are not familiar with what pick up artists are or PUA, they are guys who go out of their way to deliberately learn what make women tick and how to chat them up.

The Chinese guys in the Pearl Report were really poor in my opinion, lacking confidence and couldn't talk smoothly. But some of the top PUA in the US or around the world have extremely high success rates.

If you read the methods they're created, it's quite amazing. They've basically broken down the process of seduction into learnable steps, from opening lines, to how to act in front of women, to how to build comfort with women, until they have sex with the man.

As with all useful tools and weapons, there are of course going to be people that benefit, and those that will abuse the system. The PUA methods will help men that were unable to attract women, whilst creating new legions of players that will use the methods to get loads of women to have sex with them.

In Asia, a guy with money and relatively confident already has a huge advantage in meeting women. I'm not sure the PUA business will have as much demand here as in the West were the pick up process is relatively harder. Curious what the girls think about this new invasion in Asia.

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