Monday, April 20, 2009

Apr/ Chapter 2: Cultural influence

A couple of girls asked me if I felt HK girls are easy based on my last post about pick up artists. Obviously there's displeasure at any hint of that, and I understand so let me clear things up.

It depends on the definition of easy. A better way to explain it here in Asia is there's a skew. It's much easier for an elligible guy in Asia to meet and pick up many women, much easier than the West. The average guy however finds it much harder.

The skew is even greater in China or Taiwan. The problem is with the Chinese culture (and yes I'm Chinese, I'm not being racist) which gives people more pressure to find $ and get married than Western cultures that are more laid back about money and marriage.

Therefore eligible guys find it much easier to get a girl whether for the short term or a proper relationship because they can play on the desires of the girl. In the US a not very outgoing guy who actually has a decent job will find it much harder to find a decent girl compared to here.

On the other side of the scale many average Chinese guys can't afford to date HK girls, and/or they might be lacking in personality. So there's a horde of local guys that have gone to China to find wives. With the mass exodus, it skews the single and available sex ratio and makes the competition for elligible guys even tougher for the girls, and easier for the eligible guys.

Of course not even woman in Asia puts huge emphasize on a guys wealth but it doesn't matter if you don't, because other girls are competing with you. Women in Asia really should lower their standards on what the guy makes, and raise the standards on how men treat them and what those men can get away with.

If overnight all women dumped men that cheated, or treated their GFs poorly. You know what would happen? Men would fear not being able to find a gf or wife and behave better. As long as a large % of women are willing to put up with men behaving badly, then that ruins it for all women.


SexMachine said...

Funny. I've been thinking about whether local girls are easy or not. I can't say if they're any easier than western girls or not, but over the years, this is what i've observed.

There was one incident that all always sticks in my head. One summer when I came back to HK and was hanging out with my local HK Chinese (when i say local, i mean local local not westernised local) cousin he made a comment about how him and all his other local guy friends thought western/westernised girls were easy. This was based on what he had observed such as PDA and at that time, more revealing clothes (we're talking 10 years ago when people used to stare at me in the street for wearing a tank top).

On the other hand, from what I hear from most of my western/westernised guy friends, is that HK girls are easy to pick up. These are often guys that when they first arrived they were shy and generally what you would call a nice guy. Their success rate in HK with girls is far, far superior to their success rate in UK/US/AUS/Canada etc etc. In fact, a lot of the time they can't pick up in their home country! They pick up local locals, westernised locals, whoever.

So I don't know! Seems like everyones just looking for a good time!

Carlton Bradshaw said...

First of all 10 years ago HK was very different, since then the club, dating scenes and attitude towards sex for teenagers have changed.

Locals talking about western girls as more easy is not necessarily about them going up and being able to chat up the girls. Rather as you say it's an observation, it's a perception.

Western guys chatting up local girls 10 years later is a totally different thing. They show their value and therefore are attractive to the local girls.

xXpinkpillsXx said...

you know maybe its not right for me to speak because i am not chinese but i have a chinese boyfriend so i have seen and heard of different situations. well in my opinion there are different type of girls in every country. There are gold diggers in western countries and then there are people here who just want a decent good guy. but in china there is so much more pressure on the girl to find a husband who has a good job and comes from a good family... so that probably explains them going into a relationship for the money rather than love.

thats why chinese men tend to look down on chinese girls who marry western men because they often percieve its about money, but when they hear of a chinese man marrying a western girl they tend to think of it as more about love because obviously the girl has to accept alot more things than a chinese girl does when marry a westerner.

i hope this doesn;t sound offensive

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