Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec/ Chapter 4: What's with Vivian Chow?

For those of you not familiar with Vivian Chow, she's a local actress that was very famous in the early 90's in Hong Kong.

She has to be one of the best looking women in her 40's in the world. When I was in highshool, most of the guys loved her, and that was when we were 12.

For an entire decade she disappeared, and it was only in recent years that she started working again.

Recently she was on the cover of every gossip mag in Hong Kong and talk of the town, because her boyfriend (on and off) of 20 years was caught in Azure making out for 5 minutes with some 20 years old university student.

The guy has a reputation for dating beautiful women, and rumour had it that he's cheated on Vivian numerous times with other women. This time was different only because he was caught red handed.

I can't understand it. The guy is not good looking, he's not rich, Vivian Chow basically takes care of him financially. Plus he's a cheating womanizer who's done it to her, not once but numerous times. She should never have gotten back together with the guy after the first time they broke up.

Then to make things more surreal, less than a week later the two of them are all over the gossip mags again! Now she's going to get married to the guy! He obviously used all the moves I've detailed in this blog included crying his eyes out and begging for forgiveness. It's just shocking in terms of the stupidity of it all.

She's spent 20 years of her life on a guy that can't stay faithful, when she could have found a decent guy and had a chance to find happiness and have a family. It's not like he's going to stop cheating because he's marring her, some guys will never change, you just have to accept that's their nature.

Now, the guy's laughing to the bank because he's married someone that will feed his poor sorry ass.

Love is like a drug, and sometimes some relationshisp look more like tragedies.....


Anonymous said...

i do think joe ngai's an ass. but who are we to judge? dunt think any of us had ever been in a 20-yr long relationship here. nobody knows how it's really like. maybe the 2 of them have already reached the next level, where they dunt stress abt any thing physical?! altho its a bit hard for us to comprehend...

lil fan

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Hmm, I doubt she didn't stress, or she wouldn't have dumped him initially.

I also don't think they've reached another level, like they're reached some sort of enlightenment.

Rather, she's gotten into a position of having no power in the relationship.

You're right about not judging though. I guess I'm just jealous, haha.

Besides, it was an interesting and extreme scenario.

BBW said...

Love is blind .. all i know is I would do the same, I mean marrying to a man that I have been with 20 yrs. Unfortunately, I have been looking for real love for 6 years : (

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Yeah, love is blind.

That's partly my point though. Lots of people forget that some men are just very bad in a monogamous relationship.

It doesn't matter if it's 2, 20 or 50 yrs. They're just way too horny to ever commit to one person.

I guess many women will also get married if they were in a situation like this.

My point though is that it's not a good idea to get into that situation in the first place. If a guy's a certain way, he won't change to become better.

Hence picking the right guy at the beginning is key.

Anonymous said...

one of the mags revealed that they actually got married back in 1998 in canada. Does it make the story any difference??

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Yeah I heard about that too. Story gets stranger by the day.

My friend had this interesting theory. Which is they made up the whole story as a publicity stunt to boost Vivian Chow's career.

But I'm not sure anyone would take such a risk to losing face in order just to get some publicity. Only Paris Hilton does that, haha.

Assuming that theory isn't true, I don't think this new detail changes the story much. The guy doesn't treat her well, and she just takes it.

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