Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mar/ Chapter 1: Stuck in a time bubble

I just back from a weekend up in Shanghai, visiting my best friend because it was his 30th birthday. When I went to his apartment I couldn't help but feel envious. Out of all the friends I know he's done the best for himself.

He's got a lovely wife, who can joke around and party like one of the lads. Him and his wife both have good jobs, they have a big apartment in Shanghai which looks very comfortable, and they have a baby on the way.

Then I look at myself, and I feel like I'm a million miles away from such a lifestyle. Got an apartment, but feel poor, insecure because of the credit crunch, not married, and not comfortable taking care of myself, let alone a kid.

10 years ago, me and my best friend were at the same place in our lives, playing computer games and just enjoying life. We actually did the same when I went to Shanghai, on the Friday night I didn't even go clubbing, we just played Poker with some friends of ours and shot zombies on his playstation till 5am. It was the most expensive gaming session I've ever had.

Sat night was his birthday dinner, and clubbing at bling. Got a chance to chat to the Shanghai crew. My friend's group of friends up in Shanghai, but also friends of mine now that I've been them so many times.

One of the guys there sells lubricants to other companies, or LUB as he called it. A few of us stood there for 10 minutes cracking up jobs about lubricants and all their applications. I hadn't laughed so hard in my life. Then I looked around at all the thirty year olds (more or less).

Thirty is an interesting age because we can be at all sorts of different places in life by the time we're 30. Married with kids, or unsure about marriage, and joking about lubricants with a bunch of other guys.

I just hope the time bubble pops one day, because surely this can't be as good as it gets!

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Marsha said...

success is just how you perceive it. only he himself knows whether he is successful. some ppl thinks that i am successful, gets to work in the gov. I know that i play uno at work. also success does not equal happiness~~~~

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