Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan/ Chapter 4: Living together part 2

Ok, so people that live together before getting married are more likely to divorce. As previously exlained it's partly because their personalities and expectations of what comes with marriage makes them more predisposed to divorce, and also the situation forces some people to stay together even if they're lukewarm about each other.

Someone also mentioned that they knew of a guy that insisted his GF moved in for a few months before he was willing to marry her.

Again that could just mean he doesn't trust her, and that could mean other problems develop later.

But what if things were much more simple that all of the above points? What if living together just makes people raving mad and want to kill each other? Maybe that's why there's such a high divorce rate these days? As another poster commented:

"Luckily for me, it is the opposite. My husband and I lived together for a long time before getting married and got all the shit that pisses each other off out of the way....or actually we just learned to live with it :)"

What happens if people can't get over all the shit that pisses each other off? Then I started thinking of all the worst things that can happen with living together, and it all started to make sense why. I came up with all the worst things people can possible do whilst living with someone else and it wasn't pretty.

10)You clean up the apartment one night, and when you get back from work the next night, you're partner's messed up the apartment.

9) You're trying to take a nap and hysterical laughter erupts in the next room because your partner was watching a comedy.

8) The guy never puts down the toilet seat....... no 1 reason for modern day divorces.

7) You're eating breakfast and suddenly a naked person runs out of the bathroom dripping water on the floor because there wasn't a towel in there.

6) You've just washed your whites, and your partner didn't know the load was clean, sticks their undies in there, and the worse thing is there's a big skid mark on it.

5) The guy thinks it's ok to leave the toilet door open whilst taking a dump.

4) You have to get to work at 7:30 the next morning. You wake up in the middle of the night, and your partner's snoring resembles the mating call of an African baboon.

3) The guy (girls surely won't do this) picks his nose, rolls it up and then puts it in the girl's plant pot, thinking that it's effective fertilizer. (I've seen a guy do this actually).

2) Your partner frequently farts in bed, and his/her explaination is that you can't smell it when it's under the covers.

1) Last but not least....... the guy doesn't know it's that time of the month, and picks a fight when his girlfriend is .........

If you're single or don't have to deal with this crap, consider yourself lucky!


Jamie said...

Hahaha, surely those can't be the worst things! They're really not that bad.

I don't really understand why girls get mad when the toilet seat is left up. Just put it down - what's the big deal? Guys don't get mad when we don't put it up.

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Hmm, you're married and don't think those are that bad. That scares me, haha!

My single friend read the list, cracked up and then said how it would be impossible to live with some of those things.

Jamie said...

haha. Having re-read them, they are pretty bad, but hopefully they don't all happen to the same person! I guess i'm lucky that they don't happen to me.

10) I guess it depends how messed up the apartment was and if it was a regular thing.

9) C'mon, you can't stop people from having a laugh. This isn't bad at all.

8) As before, don't understand what the big deal is about toilet seats.

7) What's wrong with being naked in your own home or a bit of water on the floor?

6) Ok, if there were skid marks on their pants, you should ask yourself why you're going out with a toddler that isn't potty trained. But if it's just dirty undies and it was a big deal. Either wash your load again or take the undies out. As if there aren't germs in the air.

5) lol. ok that would be pretty gross. But surely guys don't do that!

4) haha. I usually wake my partner up if he's snoring and tell him it's bad for his breathing (which is true) and then try to go back to sleep before he does. haahaha.

3) No comment!!! HAHA Girls shouldn't go out with guys that do this.

2) HAHAHAHA - ok pretty gross and I guess it would be a nightmare to live with a farter. Maybe try and fart in their face next time?!

1) LOL. Girls are usually more emotional around that time, but it doesn't mean we're completely irratic. Anyway, it would be the guy's fault for picking a fight... :p

babysoftpink said...

how do I add you on facebook?

Carlton Bradshaw said...

babysoftpink said...

Willie Booker is not your real name, is it?

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Yeah it is.

Snickers said...

None of the 10 things you listed sounds bad in any way. They happen in all relationships, married or unmarried. It's the other face of intimacy. You know and understand each other so well, and all their habits. What makes it a problem is lack of communication and lack of tolerance. Some of the listed things are normal occurrences in daily life that only a fuss pot would find it intolerable. And if you don't like something your partner is doing - tell them.

On another note, i don't get the toilet seat thing. If the guy has to put the toilet seat down for the girl. Shouldn't the girl have to lift the seat up for the gut too? (I am female btw)

Carlton Bradshaw said...

Lol, I wasn't being serious in this particular post. Was meant to be tongue in cheek. =P

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