Monday, May 11, 2009

Free as a bird

For those that don't know I quit my job just over a week ago, and yeah I was in the banking industry. I'm not raving mad, I'm quite familiar with what the job market's like right now.

Life's just too short to be miserable. Hence I'm now writing my book full time. Wish me luck, will come up with a post here later in the month when I'm taking a break from writing.


Tas said...

I found your blog the next day I returned from HK to London after having made a trip to try to win my HK girl back but failed. I think this sentence says it all. I intend to finish reading your blog and let me know when you finish your book I will definitely buy one.

Cara said...

Good luck Willie! Can't wait to see your new book!! Let me know when it's out as I wanna be the 1st one to buy it!! =D

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